Utablet: USB Drawing Tablet driver for FreeBSD

$Date: 2004/03/21 09:39:41 $

At this early stage, the tablet will simply work like a mouse.

1. Building And Installing

Follow these steps:

  1. fetch(1) the shar archive

  2. type these commands:

    # sh ./utablet-0.1.shar
    # cd utablet && make install clean
  3. modify your XF86Config file, adding:

    • in the Section "ServerLayout" the line:

      	InputDevice	"UTablet"	"SendCoreEvents"
    • and then a new Section:

      Section	"InputDevice"
      	    Identifier	"UTablet"
      	    Driver	"mouse"
      	    Option	"Protocol"	"Auto"
      	    Option	"Device"	"/dev/utablet0"

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